Antonia Ciampi was born in Bologna on August 3l, l959. As an adolescent she became extremely interested in singing and dancing, deeply studying Gospel music, Spirituals and Blues, and then classical dance with the technique of the Royal Academy of London, followed by contemporary dance with the Graham-Cunnighan technique. It was due precisely to this passion that her desire for a natural completion in the field of visual arts was born: her encounter with Concetto Pozzati and his school of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna was the turning point in her life. She achieved her diploma in Painting in l990 and was immediately chosen, in the framework of the Young Artists Bi-Annual, to partecipate in “Europe d’Arte – Rencontre Europienne des Jeunes Artistes” at the Musee Tairt at Niort, in France. In the same year she founded the “Free” Group, with the aim of freely interacting the fields of painting, music, dance and photography: the intention was to experiment, putting together in a laboratory those universes where the artist was most at his/her ease. This approach led her to become more committed both as an artist and as a witness/organizer/teacher. In fact, since 1991, she has been involved in teaching at several Academies of Fine Arts: Bologna, Venice, Rome, Palermo, Lecce, Sassari and Carrara: a pilgrimage all over the penisola, which had a definite influence on her actual artistic activity. In this field, in 1991 she was selected for the show “Art of Living”, organized by the Institute for Foreign Trade in New York, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. In 1992, she collaborated with Professor Marco Dallari in the creation of the first didactic laboratory of Pedagogy applied to Art, at the Modern Art Gallery in Bologna. In the same year, an experience – which continued for six consecutive years - together with the Musical Director of the Spoleto Festival, where she took part in two collective exhibitions. Following the latter, one of her works was put in the Permanent Collection of the Modern Art Gallery in Spoleto.
Since 1994 she has taken part, as Artistic Director, in the organization of events such as, “Libertechnè”, “Ultrasegno”, “Il Giardino degli Inganni”, “Figurazione”, and “InNaturalmente”. The latter was an exhibition-event with the participation of fifty-four important international artists, invited to match their talents with art, music, literature, dance, cinema and design. “Segnali d’amore”(Signs of Love) in l998 was a personal exhibition, in the great framework of Villa Fidelia in Spello, given to her by the Province of Perugia. Two years later, her first anthological show, “Signs at Stake”, took place at New York University. On that occasion, in New York, she was awarded a special prize for her career by the President of the Italian Republic. In 2004 she participated in the XIV Quadriennale of Rome and, in the same year, she took part in the works of the International Symposium “Signum Universalis” at Peuerbach in Austria. In 2011, she won the International Prize “Limen Arte” in the Italian Artists section. Along with all these artistic activities and teaching commitments, she continued her constant research work, especially in the field of the discovery/re-discovery of color. In fact, on the subject of chromatology, she has given lectures and lessons at various University schools, and professional consultation to companies and institutions. Finally, since the year 2000 she has experimented her own methodology of teaching, aimed at children with psychological and physical disabilities, creating: “New laboratories”: color, gesture, visual music”: a way of interaction which, through involvement, facilitates the recovery of the disabled.