From style and fashion to art, from architecture and design to theater sets, through graphics, photography and technology.

EXTRAORDINARIO is an alchemy of creative individuals and artists who translate emotions into shapes and colors, experimenting the future with the precise aim of re-establishing beauty
It is made up of a group of professionals who work together in a new, original way, carrying out projects that intercept dreams and desires, translating them into concrete actions of communication, organization and production
It is a physical and mental area where the sensitivities of different nature and formation meet to create ideas, in a continuous exchange of culturaland professional backgrounds that generate reciprocal wealth and stimulate the search for other roads, revealing new aptitudes and talents
It is an “agorà”, an open forum of thinking but also of action, where there is room for talent, for passion, and for the love of artistic expression in every choice, both in work and in relations, and it can be seen in the care and attention given even to the smallest detail.
foto Antonia Ciampi

Hello & Welcome!

The artist is an alchemist who translates feelings into containers where beauty encounters thought, caressing the soul of anyone who approaches it. Beauty is the intuition of the divine.

Antonia Ciampi
foto Vincenzo Caruso

Nice to meet!

The fashion designer creates an emotion that becomes a style to wear.

Vincenzo Caruso
Fashion Designer
foto Ornella Matassoli

Whats Up!

The interior designer translates the emotion of an interior into an environment to be lived in.

Ornella Matassoli
Interior Designer
foto Alessandro Vergoz

Hi to all!

The set designer knows how to orchestrate environments, objects, lights, and messages by visualizing actions.

Alessandro Vergoz
Stage and set designer