The Archives of Dreams

Antonia Ciampi's personal exhibition

The Archives of Dreams

"The art of welcoming and of meditation thus unwinds in front of our eyes."
The Archives of Dreams is one of Antonia Ciampi’s most fulfilling and best achievements. The encounter between the artist and the setting of the exhibition, the Casina delle Civette, enabled her to produce a series of works that gave the artist the possibility to create by following her truest and most profound inspiration. In fact, Antonia Ciampi is the genius loci artist, in the sense that her creativity really and concretely need to identify itself with a pre-existent historical and cultural situation from which the artist pinpoints a sort of quintessence and then transforms it into an itinerary of images produced with the most diverse materials following the most varied iconographic and iconological proposals so that they take on the shape and form most suitable to the specific circumstance. In the Casina delle Civette the artist scrutinized a whole universe of esoteric knowledge and solemn intellectual solace. And the images she elaborated are rigorously consistent with said discovery. Antonia Ciampi loves to point out the special aspects of the location where she lovingly arrives, armed with the all her ideas and her creative aptitudes. By showing in toto her very being and her own style, the artist is both the intelligent and fervid commentator and escort of an ideal visitor (who then becomes very real when the work is completed and the exhibition is ready) who, through the works the Antonia has cleverly placed along a route she herself decided and which winds through the privileged location. In this way, the visitor is able to understand what exists at the highest level of communicative power and of cultural and moral energy. Therefore, Antonia in no way upsets the location in which she places her works, but she makes it credible and renders it intelligible and beloved once again. She fills the space, that today is the Casina delle Civette, with her own feelings and her own images, and thus a visit to the exhibition is actually a journey of the mind that, slowly but surely, sees better and understands. Therefore, the cobweb, the swing, the archives, the stars in the sky, and the sofas inside the rooms, the musical scores, the stones, the suitcases, the owl that takes on the features of the signs that guide us, are all elements that make us perceive the understood myth of the eternal return, of cyclical time that thus evokes the very image of the host of this house, Giovanni Torlonia Jr., who comes towards us dressed in the symbolic images and the intense sensitivity of the artist, perfectly consistent with his own soul and his ancient desire.
Claudio Strinati

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Project Details

Client: Antonia Ciampi

Date: 5th December, 2013 - 30th June 2014

Online: www.antoniaciampi.it

The project was born with the aim to include and integrate, in the space of this historical museum, contemporary glass and site-specific artworks, trying to recreate an atmosphere that suggests the conversation between the charming building, residence of Prince Giovanni Torlonia Jr., and the nature of the park that surrounds and with which constantly interacts.

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