Ave TA.G.

Ave TA.G is a project aimed at young, talented people who become the main characters in an unforgettable event.
This project is organized by Double Studio and Primamusa, and it is aimed at young, talented people in movement who pursue their dreams with sacrifice and merit, and become the leading actors in an unforgettable event. A team of young fashion designers and a group of young, promising athletes fill the outstanding location of Piazza del Campidoglio with new vitality, in a fruitful, charming alliance between fashion and sports. This union converges in the idea of new, courageous Beauty, worthy of the most traditional, highly-appreciated Made in Italy. The strength of this project lies in its noble intention to reward the passion, sacrifice and talent of an ill-treated, disappointed generation : in addition to the courage of those who, through recognized, loyal team-work, chose to persevere, build-up and invest their own ideals in the realization of an event that raises the Capital City to the level of a Patron of an army of talented youngsters who were often rendered invisible by anonymity.

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Project Details

Client: Double studio

Date: 17th September, 2013

Online: www.doublestudio.org/

The artistic directors of Extraordinario - Vincenzo Caruso, Antonia Ciampi, Ornella Matassoli, Michele Stallo, Alessandro Vergoz - who have transformed emotions into shapes and colors, will guide the models along the fashion runway. Created with the precise intention of re-establishing the idea of Beauty, Extraordinario, with an over-all view ranging from architecture to design, from style and fashion to art, created a unique, enchanting performance of the union between fashion and sports.
Each fashion collection was accompanied by the choreography of the athletes from some federations : Federazione Italiana Nuoto, Federazione Italiana Hockey e Pattinaggio, Federazione Italiana Pallamano, Federazione Italiana Scherma, Federazione Italiana Vela, Federazione Italiana Canottaggio, Federazione Italiana Judo Lotta Karate Arti Marziali, Federazione Ginnastica d’Italia, Federazione Italiana Sport Equestri, Federazione Italiana Pentathlon Moderno.

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