Change of course in the wake of silk


Change of course in the wake of silk

EXTRAORDINARIO presents a meeting with Antonia Ciampi, Vincenzo Caruso and Laura Lombardini Pranzetti on the theme of summer color, entitled "CHANGE OF COURSE IN THE WAKE OF SILK".
Theme of the meeting: DRESS THE COLOUR
The world around us is recognizable through the colors: they help us to activate our senses to feel emotions and guide us to the perception of everything around us, talking directly to our lives and to our culture.
Our image, the communication medium that represents us, communicates to the outside through the color, revealing aspirations, tensions and work skills, but also our emotional and behavioral sphere.
The shop windows invite us to dress colors, but perhaps we do not really know what color is the right one to wear, to highlith our own personal characteristics, and to match in every circumstance, from a job interview to a ceremony, from the beach to a cocktail, from a walk to an evening at theater, to rediscover the pleasure to play with style any time of the day.
By Antonia Ciampi, artist, chromatologist, Professor of Decoration
Vincenzo Caruso
Fashion Designer, describes the capsule collection of Extraordinario, dedicated to the sea, and inspired by the golden years of Capri and Forte dei Marmi.
Laura Pranzetti Lombardini
Writer, will make a hint of contemporary Galateo, in this case at sea, with her usual irony.

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Project Details

Client: Self-production

Date: 4th June, 2015

Online: www.extra-ordinario.it

This event, organized by Extraordinario, continues the meetings that aim to develop certain issues of the world of fashion, art, theater and interior design, with four professionals who combine a great creativity with the passion for teaching, seeking and supporting the value of beauty.

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