Les Liaisons Dangereuses


Les Liaisons Dangereuses

"An Incursion on the history of female seduction, through a truly fascinating piece of clothing."
EXTRAORDINARIO presents a meeting with Vincenzo Caruso on the subject of Seduction, entitled “LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES”.
The topic of the meeting : THE CORSET: from an object of torture to an object of seduction.
Over the course of centuries, corsets and girdles forced the breast to be compressed, flattened, raised or underlined. When the waist, smaller and smaller, was compressed by increasingly terrifying closure devices, the breast was mortified and the body was covered with armor that certainly made it more attractive. After centuries of this slavery and suffering, at the beginning of the 20th century women began definitely freeing themselves of this object of torture, and they started transforming it into an object of seduction, with the help of the fashion world.
Headed by Vicenzo Caruso, Fashion Designer, Professor of Fashion, Costumes for Shows, and History of Costumes and Fashion.

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Client: Self-production

Date: 13th February, 2015

Online: www.extra-ordinario.it

This appointment, organized by EXTRAORDINARIO, is the first of a series of meetings aimed at exploring more thoroughly some aspects of the world of fashion, of art, of the theater and interior design, together with four professional artists who combine their great creativity with the passion for teaching, pursuing and supporting the value of beauty.

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