Antonia Ciampi's personal exhibition


A few days before the World Water Day, which is celebrated on March, 22nd, comes 'Watermarks', the exhibition of Antonia Ciampi, which opened March 5th in 'The Water Towers', in Bologna, with the performance event 'Sound drops' by the baritone Daniele Piscopo and Antonia Ciampi. An exhibition whose theme is water in its various forms and references of meaning, which is held in a place full of history and highly symbolic value as an aqueduct water tower; so water also means the network, connections, language.
Built in 1912, until the seventies the aqueduct in Budrio refurnished with its drinking water the whole area. After decades of neglect, the area from 2004 to 2009 was the subject of restoration and, finally, has been restored to urban life, thanks to a major refurbishment work, becoming the complex now called The Towers of Water, which raises an important multipurpose center, attested by the award 'Management Culture' 2014 Federculture.
'Watermarks - Water signs', curated by Silvia Evangelisti, is a route dominated by site-specific works, which provides, during the duration of the exhibition, a series of events, including: "La Margherita Adele", reading multimedia with Saverio Mazzoni; "A come ACQUA", Saturday, April 9th, the Educational Department of MAMbo, Museum of Modern Art of Bologna, educational workshop, curated by Antonia Ciampi; Saturday, April 16th, Conference of Mambo, presentation of the catalog "Watermarks".
Finissagge, May 8th.
The artworks offer suggestions and signs to reflect on the world of water and, therefore, on our world, about ourselves. Here art is the word to describe the water (every work it is a story-fragment), to reveal the secrets and wonders, through different interpretations that introduce in a size that is inside and outside of us and evokes the life cycle, starting with the real meaning and history of the place where the works are located.
The specificity of the work of Antonia Ciampi - that, according to the art historian Claudio Strinati, 'is not a painter, not a sculptor, not an architect, but it is all these things together' (Afterword of the catalog 'Archivio dei sogni', 2014) - is to narrate without invading the scene: works and installations, in close connection with space and time, are elements of a story.
The context, not fortuitous, is part of the narrative plot that leads the audience in the mystery linked to life, and explains why water is so precious.
Water that leaves its mark, flowing as the time and is characterized symbolically in human history, branching like a spider web and draws the geographies of life. In the sound it generates the word, it crystallizes in forms, it wears the color of every space that crosses and becomes mirror, reflecting objects and nature.
The exhibition was curated by Extraordinario.
The event is sponsored by the Hera Group, a natural sponsor for a water-dedicated production.

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Project Details

Client: Antonia Ciampi

Date: March, 5th, 2016 - May, 8th, 2016

Online: www.antoniaciampi.it

Photo credits: © Michele Stallo

The project was born with the aim to include and integrate, in the space of this historical place, contemporary glass and site-specific artworks, trying to recreate an atmosphere that suggests the reminiscence of water.
"The exhibition is a challenge to visitors and to their relationship with water, an element whose existence is obvious in the common perception but not always in reality. Definitively, it is an invitation to reflect on the relationship with life, and a challenge to discover what we think we know." (Virna Gioiellieri)

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