“… The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.…”

Oscar Wilde
Art is the place where emotion is united with an idea, creating a substance that, through a sign, a shape, a color and light, withholds a mystery in which everyone can mirror, recognize, and reflect themselves. It's a thought concealed from view, it is the lyrical, playful and disenchanted means of a sentiment following time through the maze of emotions where the
anthropological knowledge of spaces and objects of the past are lost in an absolute, coded "certainty". It is an invisible thread that guides us until we are captured by an undefinable feeling of possessing an inter-aesthetic dimension, where pleasure is sovereign, the subjective experience of objective perfection.

“Fashion, after all, is only an epidemic crafted.”

Bernard Shaw
Fashion trends follow one another, evolve, and pass, it is style that remains forever. The elegance of a dress is the harmonious balance between proportions and pathos; a good model can last for years and become part of the history of fashion.

“The interior design of our home becomes the theater of our private life, a scene where every room enables us to change the dynamics of behaviours and situations: it is the "stage" of our home.”

Alessandro Mendini
Every house has its own soul that must merge with the tastes and expectations of those who live there. We are called upon as "conductors" to conduct a concert where tools such as space, furniture, color, light and atmosphere blend together, creating a melody that leads to the emotion of living the house every day.

“… What in a musical score is music, is light in the realm of performances: the expressive element in opposition to the sign it represents. Light, like music, expresses what belongs to the intimate essence of every vision…”

Adolphe Appia
Scenography is a discipline that embraces all the arts: and the designer, only through a thorough knowledge of architecture, painting, sculpture, art, materials and color, and especially of light,
can understand the feasibility of the conceived forms, of the most suitable procedure to carry them out, and of the final chromatic result. Set design is theory, technique and technology, all at the same time.